SENiA is an online game-based assessment platform assesses attention of children aged 4 to 7 years old in an interesting way. Involving exciting storylines in the test, children are engaged with fun!
After the assessment, data are gathered and analyzed, supporting early identification of ADHD.

Research & Development

This project is SIE funded, between March to November of 2021, we welcome (i) normal or (ii) suspected or diagnosed ADHD Children aged 4-7 and their parents to join our program! Where a survey will be filled by parents and their child will be invited to try our 10 minutes exciting online mini-games. An individual report will be given by the end of project; and consultation can be arranged to gain more information about children development if needed.


Parents' Consent & Survey

Once parents of children aged 4-7 filled in the consent form and survey, they will receive an email from our team and begin the journey of SENiA with their new user ID. 


Watch the story of SENiA

Parents can watch the story of SENiA together with their children and get to know more about ADD.

Enjoy the journey with SENiA

Three scenarios and obstacles will be faced in the journey of SENiA, parents can accompany their children and let them finish the missions with SENiA themselves.

Play at Home &
Follow up

The website will update suggestion of "Play at Home" from time to time, allowing parents to interact with their children and enhance parent-child relationship. If needed, families who joined this game-based research program can contact for consultation.

Journey of SENiA

At the weekend, mum took SENiA on a trip away from the city. Their activities require attention to complete, can you help SENiA?

*By taking part in this game, data includes reaction time and response choice will be recorded anonymously for research. You have the right to withdraw from the experiment at any time - simply close the browser of game before the end, your metrics data will be deleted. Upon completing this game, you give your consent to take part in this study in full knowledge that metrics are being recorded.

Fruit Catcher

SENiA is harvesting fruits from the garden, the fruit in the lowest position will drop into the basket. Press the corresponding fruit button to catch the fruits! Let’s help SENiA catch as many fruits as possible in time!

Stop the Fish

Then, SENiA is fishing at the pond but the fish are swimming too fast, she needs your help. When the fish finish swimming in one round back to the starting point, press the green button to hook the fish. 

Yes or No

SENiA is hungry and went to the toy restaurant, she needs to match the toys on the table to start her course. If the two toys on the table are identical, press the yellow ✔️button. If not, press the red ✖️button.


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